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About Us

Stanno is the one-stop soccer shop for anyone looking for high-quality kits, gear and equipment. We deal directly with clubs and organisations, providing soccer uniforms that are made to order and feature custom embroidering and printing. We can even help you out with designing a new club uniform. We know how important the perfect football kit is to team morale—we’ll ensure your team has the gear to look the part.

Our Products

All of our product lines are available in bulk orders, and are created according to our superior quality standards, and a commitment to honouring our traditions. Deal directly with us for:

Our History

Originally founded in Naples, Italy, Stanno started out as a specialist supplier of goalkeeping gloves. Talented goalkeeper Stefano ‘Stanno’ Andreotti, the son of a tanner, was playing as a goalkeeper in a very important away game. The conditions were wet and several times the leather ball slipped through his hands, something that didn’t happen in the dryer climate of Naples. Eventually one of these ‘slip ups’ cost his team the game; Stefano felt personally responsible and was determined that nothing like this would ever happen to him again.

Stefano designed a fingerless glove made up of a piece of leather with two crossed straps, which fastened around his hands. He refined the design until he was able to create the first ever non-slip goalkeeping glove. The gloves closely resemble the goalkeeper gloves that are used throughout the world today.

Seeing that there was an opportunity to sell these gloves to other goalkeepers he knew, Stefano started a business from his father’s workshop. The production and sale of the gloves soon grew into a small-scale industry under the brand name ‘Standreo’. When Stefano found his first agent in France and started exporting the gloves, he simplified the name to the more international sounding ‘Stanno’. Stefano soon started producing football boots and balls, and managed the design and production right up until the early 1980s.

Today, Stanno has offices in more than 20 countries all across the world, offering a unique, different approach within the cluttered teamwear marketplace.