Goalkeeper Gloves

The Stanno journey all started with a pair of goalkeeper gloves. Stanno founder Stefano ‘Stanno’ Andreotti decided to create a pair of goalkeeping gloves after a ball slipped through his hand while keeping goals, the first pair of Stanno gloves came out of his father’s tannery and they are now sold in over 20 countries worldwide.

Stanno deals directly with clubs to ensure their goalies have the best gloves available to them, the type of gloves that ensure no goals slip through their fingers. Your keeper is arguably the most important part of your team, it doesn’t matter how many goals you score if they keep going through at the other end and no matter how good their reflexes or timing are, they still need a good pair of gloves to get the job done.

Our soccer gloves are made using the same attention to detail that ‘Stanno’ used all those years ago in his fathers tannery but we have also ensured that we stay on top of the latest technology. Our gloves use the highest in technical fibres to ensure that the gloves respond to the microclimate of your hands. That means they’ll stay dry in the heat and warm in the cold.

Seam free inner gloves ensure maximum glove to ball contact. The gloves have been designed to protect the fingers and wrists and ensure your goalie is available for every match. The shock absorption and super soft material mean your keeper will stay comfortable while they repel attack after attack.

Stanno makes gloves for adults and children and their gloves for the juniors feature all the technology and quality that make the adult gloves are favourite for goalies the world over.

If you’re looking for goalkeeper gloves you cant go past Stanno, a company that was borne out of a desire to create the perfect keeper gloves. We can deal directly with your club or institution and provide you with a bulk order of high quality soccer gloves.

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