Goalkeeper Jerseys

If you want your goalkeeper to look the part order a goalkeeper jersey through Stanno. Stanno was founded by a goalkeeper so you can trust in our brand to create a jersey that gives goalkeepers everything they need. Your goalkeeper is the unsung but undisputed hero of your team and they deserve a jersey that allows them to do their job.

All of our goalkeeper jerseys are made from ClimaTec polyester. This material is quick drying and breathable so your goalie can play in absolute comfort for the entirety of the game, allowing them to concentrate on incoming attacks instead of a sticky and clammy jersey.

The soft collar adds to the comfort and the protective padding allows your goalie to make those goal saving dives without suffering any arm injuries. The jersey has been designed to offer comfort and functionality, so the protective padding doesn’t add any unnecessary weight or thickness to the jersey.

You can deal directly with our soccer store and we stock goalkeeper jerseys for juniors, ladies and men. We also offer a custom service so you can create the jersey to fit your team and the desires of your goalie.

We pride ourselves on our aesthetics as much as our workmanship. Our stock jerseys combine traditional and modern looks to create something truly unique and memorable. We mix asymmetrical colours with heritage stitching techniques to create our unique fusion and we guarantee that your goalie will love their jersey.

Soccer is a game of confidence and no one needs a dose of confidence more than your goalie, so give them a jersey that will give them the confidence to stare down any striker that comes there way.

Stanno’s soccer store can provide your team with everything you need. If you want quality football kits, soccer equipment and gear visit our site today. We stock the following: