Soccer Socks

Socks are an important part of any uniform. The high socks are a staple of the soccer uniform and serve as a reminder of the heritage that all players at all levels need to honour. They are also important in providing the protection and support that is integral in helping a player get through a match unscathed.

Our socks have been designed to look good, feel good and provide that all-important support. Firstly, our socks are designed with a stretchy upper edge, which helps in creating that comfortable fit. Our socks are made out of high quality Marfil material that is strong and durable.

The backsides of the socks as well as the top of the foot section have been mesh knitted, enhancing the breathability and freedom of movement. The mesh also allows for the extra stretch meaning the socks can stand up under the intense lateral and forwards movement that takes place during a soccer match. The stretch makes wearing shinguards comfortable and prevents them from placing pressure on the shin.

The elements of our socks that we are especially proud of are the shock absorbing pads and the Achilles support. This technology sets our socks apart and you’ll notice the difference. Your feet and legs will recover faster after a game and you’ll save your Achilles from any undue strain. The anti-slip bottoms also ensure that your feet stay still in your shoes, helping in preventing rolled ankles and blisters.

On top of that technology and commitment to quality our socks are also incredibly easy to look after. They can be warm washed and are colourfast meaning they’ll stay as good as new for the entirety of the season.

Just like the rest of our soccer uniform products our socks are fully customisable. You can choose your own colour scheme and send us your logo and team name so it can be included on the socks. We stock adult as well as youth soccer socks.

You can order our football socks in bulk directly from our soccer store where you can also find: