Soccer Uniforms

A soccer uniform is a vital part of any team. A uniform unites and equalises every member of the team and helps to get everyone working towards a common goal. If your soccer team needs a kit, Stanno can provide you with everything to give your team a unique look that sets you apart.

Stanno offers you the freedom of creating a fully customised football uniform. Everything from the embroidery to the cut can be based around your requirements and we can even assist you during the design stage. Stanno was created by a footballer and ever since that day we have monitored what footballers need and how uniforms help to create a team identity.

Our soccer kits are made out of high-functional material that is designed to stand up to the rigours of a soccer match. The material is quick drying and soft touch, meaning players can move freely and the material won’t rub. The seamless mesh shoulder sections add to the freedom of the fit.

Stanno prides itself on creating uniforms that create a blend between tradition and modernity. Soccer has a long and proud tradition and this tradition needs to be respected. That’s why we use traditional stitching methods and cuts combined with modern colour patterns and design techniques to create a dynamic and respectful aesthetic.

Stanno knows how to create quality uniforms for soccer kits that will last and keep your players comfortable so they can focus on their game. We can provide full uniforms that are made to order for kids, men and women’s teams and you can be sure that your team will be proud to pull on their uniforms.

Stanno is a leader in soccer equipment; we can also provide your club with bulk orders of: